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Coaching with Laura


Do you ever feel guilty when you prioritize work over life or vice versa? You are not alone my friend! Lots of us struggle to find that sweet spot that I like to call "Work-Life Harmony." 

Have you ever been "asked to leave" a company, as I have, and felt embarrassed, deflated, unappreciated and scared about what's next for me? Many of us have and we will work together to minimize the catabolic energy preventing you from reaching your desired destination.

Are you passionate about your work and life but still wondering if you are showing up as the best version of yourself? Then coaching is exactly what will help you explore the possibilities of what's next! 


You may now be asking, what exactly does a person need with a Coach?  Glad you asked!

We will start with what Coaching is not. It's not where we go about fixing you. We'll leave that to the Therapists. It's also not about advice. You get plenty of that from Friends and Family, am I right? It is about creating a space for you to learn what is important right now to achieve what you've dreamed your work and life could be.


In this space, together, we will get to the root of what has been blocking you from reaching your work-life harmony. We will explore how to decrease the chaos either at work or at home to allow you to bring your full and authentic self to both areas.


We know that even highly successful teams have a coach.  Why shouldn't you? We didn't land here with a playbook of strategies on how to become the best version of ourself. As your personal coach, I will guide you through empowering questions so that you can achieve your goals on your terms. 


As your coach, I will be your guide on the path to realizing your best self. It won't always be a walk in the park but we definitely won't fall off the cliff. We will explore where you want to go in finding out how your values can align with what you do for a career and the type of life you want to live. That sounds amazing doesn't it? 

"If you choose a job you love, you will never work a day in your life"

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