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One on One Coaching

We will start your journey with clarity and understanding about what you value and what needs your focus right now. The next One-on-One sessions  will build on the last session OR you will decide to take a completely different route.  Through empowering questions, you will re-discover your unique talents and strengths for doing the work you are passionate about. You will discover those negative (catabolic) energies that prevent you from achieving the best version of yourself.

Career Transition Coaching

If you already know exactly what your career passion is but you are feeling trapped and stuck about where to go next, let's learn what you have tried already and uncover something surprising that may lie ahead.  Leaving a career where you've had great success and transitioning to the next amazing adventure is daunting.  Together, we will realize all the potential waiting for you at your new destination.

Group & Team Coaching

As an Agile Coach for IT teams over the past 7+ years and working in project management for 20+ years, I've seen it all. Do you have teams that are newly forming, continuously storming or seeking to be highly performing? I have the proven "secret sauce" to bring people together from any organization for the purpose of improving collaboration and delivering business value. I will do this by establishing an environment of safety, camaraderie, and trust resulting in a group quickly becoming high performing. 

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